About Us

Hi! My name is Susan. My two dogs, a bossy 14 year old miniature poodle (Keelo) and a sassy 10 month old standard poodle (Kona) are my inspiration behind starting this small business. To ensure we have many more years to explore and enjoy our beautiful province together, their health is very important to me. Keelo had some unexplained allergies and conditions specialist could not figure out and just used his age as an explanation. I did not accept that and started researching and paying more attention to what they are eating and transitioned to a raw diet at the beginning of this year. Now they are completely raw fed and thriving.

I started making dehydrated single ingredient treats at home as a training aid and to just simply spoil the pups with delicious treats they LOVE. Also being able to support local farms at the same time is so rewarding. My goal is to bring our healthy and nutrient rich treats to all local pups and share the love. 

As part of that, we will be donating 10% of our profit each month to local animal rescues and non-profit organizations. Follow us on Instagram to find out which non-profit we are supporting each month and ways you can help. If you have an animal rescue you’re passionate about, feel free to let me know! 

Please send me an email or a message on Instagram/ Facebook if you have questions, feedback or suggestions. They are so valuable to me as I start this exciting journey learning and growing this new business with you all.